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  • Giannino

Op-Ed: Isn’t it a Bit Ironic?

Revere Journal

These are truly unprecedented times. COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on our lives and safety. Tom Brady is no longer a Patriot. There’s a shortage of toilet paper. Hand sanitizer is as valuable as a semi-precious stone. And, if this wasn’t enough for you to take a moment to ponder the present, Earth Day was celebrated by Wheelabrator in Saugus. Let that sink in. What’s next? Upside down rain?

Earth Day was established to expose for-profit companies that bring turmoil and despair with little regard or benefit to communities or residents. It exists to spotlight companies that do not hold themselves accountable and flaunt their disregard for local, state and national pollution standards daily. And, Earth Day is our way of coming together to recognize that despite some progress in other areas, significant work remains.

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