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The Issues I'm Focused on.


Representing my community on environmental injustices is one of the reasons I became involved in politics in the first place. Along with several of my colleagues on the Council, I introduced the motion to ban single-use plastic bags in Revere and worked hard up until it’s passing in 2018. As a State Representative, I have led on legislation that would set a closure date for the Saugus Ash Landfill and regulate this out- dated facility. I’ve been extremely vocal about the lack of accountability from the region’s biggest polluter, WIN Waste Saugus. I am a founding member of the Alliance for Health and Environment. With little benefit to our district or its residents, WIN Waste Saugus flaunts their disregard for local, state and national pollution standards daily. This has been an uphill battle, and significant work remains but I will not stand down. My current filed legislation aims to lead the fight on behalf of all the affected cities and towns.

Wage Theft

I am a proud supporter of An Act to Prevent Wage Theft. Wage theft continues to be a major problem in the building trades and other industries. Right now, workers are denied proper benefits and are paid under the table. This theft hurts workers, reduces our tax rolls, and costs jobs. As a State Representative, I continue to fight for the working families of my district and highlight the work done to expose employers who are stealing from their workers and from YOU as a taxpayer.

Supporting Working Families and the Right to Organize

Organized labor and the right to collectively bargain is critical for the well-being of individuals, families, and our overall economy.  I believe that the decline of unions has a direct correlation to the income inequality our District and the country faces today. I am also no stranger to picket lines and will continue to work with unions to publicly call out agencies and companies that work against our efforts.


Public transportation is a necessity in the Commonwealth. We need to make sure the system works for our residents because right now, it doesn’t. While on the City Council, I was a very active part of the traffic commission. If the MBTA worked the way it should, these issues would not be as pressing.

The district is also impacted by the effects of regional traffic as a result of new technology like Uber, Lyft and Waze which bring in additional vehicles. While on the Council, I also worked on the Resident Sticker parking program and Commercial Vehicle ordinances. Theses ordinances helped to get vehicles that did not belong in the City of Revere off our streets. 

A Woman’s Right to Choose

I am pro-choice. I believe women should have the right to choose and not have it be dictated by the government.

As a woman, I know how important it is to support each other as well as organizations that promote advancing and increasing access to sexual health and reproductive services. As an elected official, I’ve been consistently responsive, and I prioritize serving with accessibility for my constituents. As a State Representative, it’s not lost on me that women’s reproductive rights are under attack at the federal level and I am doing all I can to work with leadership on finding ways to cement these rights in Massachusetts.

I will continue to champion equitable access to reproductive health and comprehensive sex education. Students of all ages, in all schools, should be given the tools and a science backed education to make informed decisions on their reproductive and sexual health. They should also have access to free birth control and protection.

WIN Waste Saugus and the Saugus Ash Landfill

One of the most pressing environmental injustices in the district that I’ve been vocal about during my time representing Revere is WIN Waste Saugus in Saugus and their utter lack of accountability. WIN Waste Saugus, with an ancient incinerator, unlined landfill, and massive expansion plans, is laser focused on profit over people. The company has never cared about the health and welfare of the residents of Revere, Saugus, Lynn or the surrounding communities that are forced to live with the noxious odor, unbearable noise, toxic potash and black billowing smoke that pollute our air and water daily.


WIN Waste Saugus was supposed to be closed decades ago, yet it remains open and seeks to aggressively expand its presence and operation in the area. While our cries for relief have fallen on deaf ears at the Department of Environmental Protection, I will never stop advocating for the safety and well-being of our district. 


I come from a long line of dedicated public servants and have inherited this undying commitment to community. I’m a proud product of the Revere public school system and the State University system. I know that the system relies on legislative allies and have been an outspoken advocate for our schools and teachers while on the Revere City Council. While at Salem State, my interest in politics was first sparked by lobbying for more funding for public higher-ed as a member of SGA.

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