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Rep. Giannino Chairs House of Representatives Informal Session

On February 15, State Representative Jessica Giannino (D-Revere) banged the gavel at 11:01 a.m. and called the House to order. Rep. Donald Wong of Saugus joined her on the rostrum. During this informal session, the House concurred with the Senate’s referral of a Sen. Patrick O’Connor petition (SD.2954) for legislation to establish statewide food truck regulations to the Public Health Committee. The House also voted in favor of establishing building trades recovery week (H.3058). Several other bills were ordered to a third reading and enacted. This was the first time that Representative Giannino had the opportunity to chair an informal session.

“I am very thankful to Speaker Mariano for the opportunity to conduct House business at an informal session,” said Representative Jessica Giannino (D-Revere). “It has been a while since I have had the gavel in my hand as Revere City Council President and this opportunity brought back many fond memories. It truly is the honor of a lifetime serving my community in this role and I look forward to learning more and taking advantage of every opportunity I am given in Boston to serve my district.”


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