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Rep. Giannino Receives Major Award From Saugus River Watershed Council

Cary Shuman 

State Rep. Jessica Giannino received the River Stewardship Award from the Saugus River Watershed Council “for outstanding contributions toward protecting natural resources and public health in the Saugus River watershed.”

Giannino accepted the prestigious award in person Dec. 11 at the organization’s annual meeting and dinner at The Marina at the Wharf, Revere.

“I am honored to recieve the SRWC Stewardship Award,” said Giannino. “The Saugus River Watershed Council was founded 30 years ago in 1991 to protect and restore the natural resources of the Saugus River watershed. The organization works to improve water quality, restore river habitat and fisheries, educate students about the environment, and promote public access and enjoyment of the watershed. I am so thankful for this distinction, and I look forward to working with the watershed in the future to protect this important environmental asset in our community.”

Debra Panetta, president of the Saugus River Watershed Council, and Jackie Mercurio, treasurer, praised Giannino during the award presentation ceremony.

“I am happy and thrilled that we have Rep. Jessica Giannino here tonight receiving one of our awards,” said Panetta. “She has been a tireless advocate for our environment and our community.”

Mercurio said she was honored to present the 2021 River Stewardship Award to Giannino.

“Tonight we honor Massachusetts State Rep. Jessica Giannino,” began Mercurio. “Rep. Giannino has spent the past year hitting the ground running, listening to our constituents’ environmental issues, concerned about our community’s health issues, working to pass legislation to preserve our waterways, and even volunteering to teach seventh-grade science classes about what happens when plastic fills our waterways, and the importance to reduce, reuse, and recycle.”

Mercurio said that Giannino had “big shoes to fill” as the successor to Rep. RoseLee Vincent, “a fierce advocate for our area’s environment, who brought our voice to the State House for years.”

“Rep. Giannino has picked up right where Rep. Vincent has left off, without missing a beat,” said Mercurio, noting Giannino’s key testimony for environmental bills protecting local communities.

“Rep. Giannino is bold and a force to be reckoned with,” said Mercurio. “This past year she’s worn her heart on her sleeve, especially when representing Revere, Saugus, and Chelsea.”

Mercurio credited Giannino and the Revere City Council (by an 8-1 vote) for going on record opposing the expansion of Wheelabrator.

“Rep. Giannino, all this hard work and great partnerships you’ve created over the past year are the reasons why the Saugus River Watershed is honored to present you this award,” said Mercurio. “We are excited for the bright future you are working toward in protecting the ECAC, our waterways and marshes – and thank you for your amazing contributions in protecting our environment.”

Accompanying Rep. Giannino to the annual dinner was her grandmother, well-known Revere resident Joann Giannino. Interestingly, the two women began their evening by showing their support at the Revere Coat Drive event at Dryft before heading to The Wharf.

Altar’d State, a women’s clothing business located in Lynnfield, was also a recipient of the River Stewardship Award.


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